My name is Crystal McGrath, people call me GurL. I am a pop country girl and I also rock out in the band Boy&GurL with Jarred Nicklen...people call him Boy. I am happy to say I am from Canada, which makes my Canadian. I have lived in the USA which is my home away from home. I have been lucky to be the spokesperson for the American Foundation "Toys For Tots", I have performed on stages around the world, some big some small and all amazing experiance. I have shared stages with amazing talent such as Ani DiFranco, Suzie McNiel, David Usher, Wide Mouth Mason, and Lights and I have cofounded an educational foundation "Write2Dream" providing artist development scholarships to young musicians so they can be mentored and record their first original song. I sing, I write, I play guitar, piano, tamborine, and played the clarinet in my jr high band if that counts for anything. I paint...when i have time to make a giant mess...which is rare. I have a stamp collection also rare. I hate rare steak. R-radical A-amplify R- release  E- electrify...4 words that came to my mind from the word Rare. I also have a passion hobby teaching Yoga. I believe in individuality, i believe in suffering to succeed, and that when doors close windows are opened there is always new air to breathe, I believe in remembering who you are every day and to SHINE bright, I believe there are times of hurt, and times of sadness and that those moments are put in our lives to remind us not to take the good, thrilling, exciting fun moments for granted. I believe in appreciating what you have, and never holding on to hate. I believe there is love in the world. and i believe everyone is hear to inspire each of us in a different way. I believe in a lot more that I will unveil as time progresses....Yoga calms me, Learning Spanish educates me, Taking on new projects excite me, Meeting new people enlighten me, Good conversations with old friends humble me, Performing fuflills me, Holding on to the past hurts me. Writing heals me. Each moment is a new opportunity, learn from everything around you, follow your passions no matter what anyone says, keep the good around you, filter the negative. What the world needs now is Love sweet Love....So Love wherever you can even if it seems insignifigant....nothing ever is

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